The History Of NeuroCranial Integration (NCi)

nephi_cottam D.C., West Hills, CAThe history of cranial treatment goes back to the beginning of the century. In the 1920’s, a chiropractor named Dr. Nephi Cottam discovered that cranial bone misalignment affected health.

Several years later a Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. Sutherland, discovered that cranial bones had a rhythmic motion which “pumped” the fluid. This pumping action supplied nutrition and critical signals to the nervous system. The cerebrospinal fluid travels from the cranium to the sacral area (between the dura mater and the brain/spinal cord).

In other words, the brain carries healing information down the nerve pathways to the organs. If there is a “fixation” or “stuck” area in the cranium, it creates a situation that can be termed a “healing information gridlock.” This halts or interferes with the pumping action of the cranium, preventing healing signals from reaching the nervous system and organs. Invariably, poor health follows.

Over the years, a variety of cranial techniques have been developed, such as cranial sacral, cranial release and many others. But none reach the dura mater that is directly responsible for brain and nervous system balance and health. Neuro Cranial Integration, however, is able to release the “fixation” or “stuck” area in the cranium and take tension off the brain hemispheres, the spine and the entire nervous system in a way that is simply not possible through spinal manipulation or soft tissue techniques.

Neuro Cranial Integration, the cranial work practiced by Dr. Ross has been described as beautifully simple and consistent. So much so that the results have been nothing short of amazing.

“I suffered from pain in neck, shoulder and arm, two surgeries on neck C5-C6, C6-C7 and had a Diskectomy with fusions. I am now completely off prescribed medications.”

“I started to feel relief almost right away (after Neuro Cranial Integration (CSi) Treatments). The pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and hand has almost disappeared. My quality of life has been almost fully restored to where it was before, if not better now.”
– Terry H.