Making Healthy Brains

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine found that children that don’t play much or are rarely touched, develop brains 20-30% smaller than normal. Basically — not enough stimulation, not enough brain growth. This stimulation must be balanced to accommodate both hemispheres of the brain. Future research may show Cranial Spinal Integration allowing for this to occur without interference.

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Flu Vaccine Video

Here is a link to a Flu Vaccine Video — very tongue in cheek, but possibly not too far off from the truth.

Keep your nervous system at full power and your immune system will work better!

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Thoughts, Toxins and Traumas

Many people think that you can only be hurt by traumas and toxins — most people’s worst enemy are thoughts. We see it everyday! It has been shown that negative thoughts release bad chemicals in the body and positive thoughts release good chemicals in the body. What have you been thinking lately?

more on this later —

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Lies, Lies, Lies!

Everyone has the greatest cure since —- well, since the barkers were selling exlixcers out the back of covered wagons. I will be brief — there is only one thing that cures — that is the body itself. The amazing machine we call a body has all the chemicals, all the blueprints all the information to cure. We just need to give it fresh water, fresh food, and a good structure and it will do the rest. As a chiropractor that preforms a powerful treatment, I DON”T CURE ANYTHING — I just put the body back in better position to heal itself. The power that made the body heals the body — headaches, high blood pressure, depression, urinary incontinence are all signs of a body that is not functioning properly.

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Neurology…without it, you’ve got nothing. Ever think of how much neurology has to take place for someone like Kobe to hit a 3 point jumper with two hands in his face…or a musician to play a song…or to get up in the morning and take a breath…Neurology

TFT22 CranioSpinal Integration can provide that extra boost in YOUR neurology. Maybe you won’t hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer like Kobe, or perform that concerto at Carnegie Hall, but think of all the amazing things your body can do.

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Well, Well, Wellness

Wellness has been a word that has been thrown around alot in the past year or two. Chiropractors have promoted wellness for over a hundred years. People ask me if I like what I do — the answer is an emphatic yes. Sometimes I get frustrated when a patient chooses sickness care. “I am sick, get car – I am sore, get care – I am tired, get care – I have a headache, get care”. Although I don’t turn those patients away; at least they are going the natural anti-drug route, yet are they? This approach is like “taking” an adjustment instead of “taking” a pill.

I know that my patients, “get it” when they bring their children in for wellness care — not because they are sick. My grand-daughter, Jordyn is now 16 months old — she received her first TFT22 craniospinal adjustment at 12 hours old. Not only is she cute and bright — how many toddlers this age do you know that have never been sick — NEVER — no colds, no colic, no ear infections, no flu (not one pill, syrup, shot for illness)– Although, the odds are she will eventually show signs of something; most likely it will be milder than the average child. She has started out her life on a wellness track.

I also try to walk the talk — in 25 years of practice, I have missed 1 1/2 days of work due to illness. My job isn’t as demanding as Cal Ripken’s was — yet there are some people that miss 1 1/2 days every month.

Ask what it takes to be on a wellness program — and don’t leave your kids home to suffer with the same ailments you have.  WELL, WELL, WELLNESS

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Brain Stimulus Package

Everybody is throwing around stimulus packages. In my 25 years of practice I have never seen so many people struggling to improve their station in life. However, they are usually leaving out a very important key. If the brain is not functioning optimally, NOTHING ELSE WILL!  Physical, mental or emotional.

You need all cylinders firing to accomplish things in this environment. It is not impossible — It just may not be as easy as before.  Think — would you rather have good health in a bad economy or bad health in a good economy.

TFT22 CranioSpinal Integration gets the brain firing on all cylinders — you still have to feed the body properly, rest it properly, give it good thoughts, avoid bad chemicals — however,  if you “Unleash the Power of the Brain” there is no telling what you can accomplish.  While you are at it — wouldn’t a Brain Stimulus Package improve every member of your family? Start with you (kind of like when on a plane when the flight attendant says to place your oxygen mask on first), then help your family, your friends, your community, your country, your world. It starts with just a small thing!

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Dr. Ross May/June 2009 Schedule

Please take a look at the May/June schedule.

Roseville — permanent schedule of Mondays and Thursdays 9am-noon and 3-6pm

Woodland Hills — Second and Fourth Tuesday and Wednesday of the month

Where it has Roseville in blue on days other than Monday and Thursday, please call for appointment.

Any questions, please call: RSVL 916-780-0555 or L.A. 818-312-6212

Thank you, Dr. Ross

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Week of April 20-24

Dr. Ross will be in full day on Monday and Thursday. 9am-noon and 3pm-6pm

Dr. Ross will be in town for urgent visits on Tuesday and Wednesday — please call

Soon a calendar will be posted will all availability for the month. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this time of transition.

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What does Dr. Ross do?

CranioSpinal NeuroOptimization is based on restoring optimum health. The brain is the master control of all functions of the body through pathways based in the spinal cord and all the nerves throughout the body. When working properly as designed the nervous system can heal, fight disease, help you perform normal daily functions and perform at the highest level of human capability.

This lifeline of information is protected by a thick tough sheath around the brain and spinal cord and an almost microscopic covering at the very ends of the nervous system (to the toes, fingers and into every organ of the body). The membrane is called Dura Mater (translated means tough, durable mother). The Dura Mater is attached to the skull, several upper neck vertebra and the sacrum or tailbone.

What do you think would happen if this membrane was twisted, distorted or obstructed? We have all heard the commercials that say, “Can you hear me now?”. If the impulse or message from the brain was interfered with like a cell phone, how do you think that part of the body will respond?

Have you ever asked your doctors, “I wonder if my nervous system is working or distorted?”. Well this is a question you can ask a practitioner of CranioSpinal NeuroOptimization. Through a precise procedure the doctor can balance your nervous system to allow proper flow of information from your brain to the rest of the body. Some patients will realize dramatic results almost immediately, others may take more time for the body to heal. However, if the disturbances to the nervous system are not released — proper healing can never take place.

CranioSpinal NeuroOptimization (also nicknamed TFT22, for The Full Treatment), is a total body experience. Regardless of how you feel, if your nerve flow is interfered with, you are not at optimum health. How do you think you would feel if your nervous system was only disturbed by 25%? – You probably would feel fine – does that mean you are healthy? Many conditions and illnesses take years or decades to develop – 75% healthy is 25% ill.

This is cutting edge treatment that is based in science and clinical results —

For treatment or questions, please contact Dr. Ross at Nor Cal 916-780-0555 or So Cal at 818-312-6212 or

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